Ladies Ministry:

Stop and think about the issue of "time." Apart from eating,
 sleeping, doing house work, and working at income-earning
jobs, how are we spending that precious commodity called
"time?" Whatever else we are doing, are we giving adequate
time to relationships?

Well-known author Les Parrott points out that few things are more
conducive to our well-being than investing time in friendships. He
says, "Ignoring friendship not only diminishes your quality of life,
but could also be a health hazard." He states that close friendships
can reduce the risk of illness.

Diversity is the key to the organizational structure of the Collins Hill
Baptist Church Ladies Ministry. The first and foremost need of women
is fellowship. Through our activities we provide opportunities for fun
and togetherness. Our bi-monthly activities have included such fun things as a scavenger hunt, a winter bonfire, a formal garden party, a Fall-back Party, and our yearly Christmas fellowship. Our annual ladies retreat is always a time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement for one another.

Not only do we provide opportunities for instruction and fellowship, but we also find ways to minister. On the first Thursday of every month we visit shut-ins of our church, trusting that we might bring a little encouragement into their lives. When there is a need for food or other items, we join together in meeting those needs. We also schedule baby showers and wedding showers to help the ladies of our congregation. Women play an important role in the ministry of our church. We hope to keep growing in faith and love as we strive to serve the Lord together. We would like nothing better than for you to visit our ladies meetings. You will be glad you did.