Mission statement:

Our ministry here at Collins Hill Baptist Church centers on our
mission statement and is guided by the following eight Biblical
principles. We receive our "marching" orders from God's Word.

M      Motivational preaching that touches the heart and
            encourages the believer to reach new heights in his
            Christian walk with Jesus Christ.

A        Only as we apply the word of truth to our hearts can we
            hope to reach our spiritual potential and be like our Savior.

R      Our evangelism program endeavors to reach out to others
           in the community as we follow the Great Commission by sharing
           the gospel of Jesus Christ.

C        We are always seeking to employ fresh, new, and creative approaches in training, evangelism, and

H       Using our various spiritual gifts, we strive to serve one another in harmony and unity. Everyone is
            important here at Collins Hill.

I        The Bible is our first and final authority as we implement the principles of God's Word. The Bible is inspired
and is the basis of all our instruction.

N        New converts are trained and discipled in the faith. Discipleship training is the next logical step in
            spiritual growth.

G        Together we strive to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ through active involvement in our total church